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Food safety maps
I am working on a new project. A coworker asked why no one has mapped food inspections? I thought it was a good question. I found the data source for King county and put it on a google map. I added the project to GitHub. As soon as I figure how to host elasticsearch I will start linking it.

I think this project is a dead simple way to host and serve map data to google maps. I use elastic search as the back end, Sinatra for the server... [ Read more ]

Problems to solve
I often think about what I was doing in college and high school; Coding hearts, asteroids, stupid scripts that transformed data for class, building websites and other benign scripts. I think about this in the context of what I am doing today; building a search, running ec2 nodes for scripts, hacking up plugins to work with firefox 5, building thunderbird plugins, build an api for work and not so benign scripts.

Makes me look forward to the next 5 years.

Textport 0.0.4
The add-on process for mozilla I pretty slow. I understand its a volunteer group of people. I would not really gate my best feature on a group that does not have the companies best interests in mind. I had a preliminarily and needed to update. The first review was speedy but the second was taking for ever. I thought switching it to a full review might help but no luck so far.
Until then here is a copy of my textport 0.0.4... [ Read more ]

My first thunderbird extension. Texport is a plugin that allows you to export your email data using a template. The template are EJS. Texport also can export the contacts from a set of emails. Action can be taken on folder or selected emails.
Plugin to thunderbird that allows you to export your contact information or message bodies to text files. This is enabled in two menus. The first is the folder level menu. This will preform the actio... [ Read more ]

Thunderbird 3.1 and firebug 1.7b3
I wanted to start up a new thunderbird plugin project. I require 3 plugins. 1) extension developer. Its amazingly easy to install a dev build with this. 2) firebug. yes even for thunderbird. 3) firechrome. This gives me direct access to my running code.
I prefer working with Mozilla based apps over Google's chrome.

When the state runs things iii
As a project I have been working on a website that scrapes data from the wa.liq state site. It was to include search, location based info, json data dump files for clients, and other fun features the state is to outdated to understand. I have had fun with selecting a brand type (Scotch) and a store (#28). I have a page which shows you the brands in stock but my page also shows you which brands they do not have that store bu... [ Read more ]

Ruby bundle command line configs
I use DreamHostPS. Its why this page is so fast ;). Point really is that after downloading and installing libxslt-1.1.21 locally. I needed to configure nokogiri to use it. easy enough
./configure --prefix=/home/sbecker/lib
make install
gem install nokogiri -- --with-xslt-include=/home/sbecker/lib/include/ --with-xslt-lib=/home/sbecker/lib/lib/ 

Now comes along my 1 rails 3 app where bundle controls ever... [ Read more ]

When developing code that uses web services I often code for the error case. What if I get back a 404 or 500? This is what I should do. I often have a hard time testing this. Some times the service provides a way to trigger errors. Those calls often are all about the payload.

I have started a new website that will take a code like 200 and give you back a 200 response. You can also set the body. For example http... [ Read more ]

When the state runs things ii
I picked up my liq site scraping again. I reworked my db using sql. I am going to use ruby 1.9.X and rails 3. It should be up soon.

When the state runs things
I live in yet another state that controls the liquor sales. PA is the other state. After talking with a coworker about some booze they showed me the state liquor store website. Turns out that they post the prices, stock and location of all the booze they carry.

After a night of scripting I have 2 scripts. The first one finds the brands and prices. The second one finds the quantities of each brand and what store they are ... [ Read more ]